Why not Do It Yourself?

Below we will make short and easy to understand guides for any budget.

This guides will outline the Key facts and will teach you can do it at home.

All guides are from experiences staff at LandStone Landscaping Stonemasonry

We are a Bristol and Bath based company focusing on Landscape and Masonry if you can’t do it we can.

How to replace a rooten fence post or pannel?

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  2. Tools and materials you will need, Spade, Saw, Drill or Impact Driver, Screws, Postcrete, Bags, Pick axe and Sledge Hammer.
  3. Depending on the area and location of post, will depend on if you need matts or tarp to protect area i.e. Grass or Patio from mud.
  4. Then start digging around the post to expose concrete, dig around concrete if possible remove whole. Other wise use sledge hammer to break up concrete into manageable sizes.
  5. Once post and concrete are removed cute new post to correct height for fence and hole. Then put into place and hold with any hardcore around from old post.
  6. Screw old fence panels to fence to make sure in correct place and use level to check strait.

  7. Put postcrete into hole and add water amounts shown on postcrete bags. Check all leave and leave to dry.

  8. Now put soil or chipping back into place to cover concrete. Job complete.

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